Installing solar is best viewed from a cash-flow perspective; spending less per month on a loan than the value produced by the array gives you positive cash flow.  With zero money out of pocket, this makes installing solar the sensible move.  Through financing you can:

  • generate a positive cash flow without spending any of your own capital.
  • to shield your wallet from the ever-increasing price of electricity.
  • to get an excellent return on investment from predictable solar power.
  • to take action to protect the health of our state, nation, and natural resources.
  • to become your own local source of clean and renewable solar electricity.

There are several financing options available:

Unsecured Loans: Many financiers offer unsecured financing for solar arrays.


  • Easy financing
  • Credit-based
  • Long term
  • Fixed-rate

Equity Loans: Many local banks offer to finance secured by your home equity.


  • Equity-Based
  • Deductible Interest
  • Many Terms Available
  • Lower rates

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