West Kingstown Commercial Install

IMG_3673System Size: 15.7 kW DC
Electric Bill Reduction: 100%+
Solar Panels: 275 Solarworld Sunmodule Plus
Inverters: Enphase M250 Microinverter
System Description:
This system was installed on a standing seam metal roof of a farm in West Kingstown, RI. This section of the roof faces south-southeast.
This 57-panel installation has been used to cover the electricity expense for the entire farm in addition to the adjoining residential property.
Unique Factors and Challenges:
This installation was large and required additional up-front engineering work. In addition, the standing seam metal roof required a unique attachment system that pinches the standing seams rather than penetrating the roof into the rafters.
Other Comments:
Beyond receiving the RI Commerce Corporation Grant, the owner was eligible to take advantage of MACRS depreciation of the commercial asset.