Allegretto-Fishman SPF 007A few years ago we contacted Doug from Newport Solar about putting solar panels on the roof of our home. He was very professional and explained everything to us: how much energy we could expect the panels to produce, the cost of the panels and the tax credits we could expect.

I remember he told us this was a long-term investment. At the time, my husband had been recently diagnosed with brain cancer and long term was something I didn’t think we had so we decided against the project. Well, over a year later Doug informed us that the price of the panels had come down and at that time my husband was doing very well so we decided to go through with it.

Doug did a great job installing our 13 panels. One of my favorite parts is the online communications system that allows me to monitor how much energy the panels are producing. These panels do not provide enough energy to eliminate our electric bills, but they have done a great job in reducing it. If you are considering solar energy at all, I highly recommend Newport Solar.

G. C. – Narragansett, RI