DMI had a great experience working with Doug from Newport Solar and it all started with a simple question about whether my house would be a good candidate for solar.  A few days later Doug had done his homework and shared with me the potential for my property and pointed out that a pine tree in the winter would cause some issues but after looking at historical electric bills and the sizing of a system, it became clear that solar was a viable option for my property. That was the hard part; then came the easy part.

Once I decided to go forward with the project, Doug took care of everything from the initial inspection, the grant request from the state, complete installation, working with the city inspector for approval and communications with National Grid. On the days of the installation I actually worked from home and I didn’t even realize the installation was happening, except when I saw their truck in my driveway. The only thing I had to do was to write a check, give him a house key and once National Grid swapped out the box on the outside, the sun’s ray started to power my home.

Doug was very professional, on time, and a pleasure to work with. I’m so thrilled with the system that I’m planning to have a solar house warming party one of these days!

DM – Newport, RI