North Scituate Ground Mount System

north_scituate_ground_mountSystem Size: 10.0 kW DC
Electric Bill Reduction: 100% of two combined electric accounts
Solar Panels: 250 Watt Sharp ND-250QCS Panels
Inverters: Enphase M215 Microinverter

System Description:
This system was a large two-array installation on a sizable residential lot. Two arrays, consisting of twenty panels each were sited approximately 200 feet from the house in an unused field. There are ten 12 inch piers per array, each at a depth of 40 inches. Schedule 40 2 inch galvanized pipe forms the frame that supports the panel racking system. A ground mount system was selected, as the residence’s roof was inappropriate due to excessive shading.

The two arrays are oriented at 180 degrees, true south. They are tilted at 36 degrees.

Unique Factors and Challenges:
Typical residential grid-tied solar arrays are mounted on the roof; ground and pole mounts can be appropriate in situations such as these. Because of an on site diesel generator and the size of the system, a supply side connection was used.

Spacing between the two arrays was calculated using the specific latitude, which affects the inter-row shading due to the angle of the sun. The wire run from the arrays to the residence was difficult; jackhammers were used to break up large boulders that were in the path of the conduit trench.

Other Comments:
The owner of this system received the full eligible grant amount. The owner made muffins and hot apple cider from trees on the property and generously shared with installation crew!