iphone 11-22-2013 019System Size:  2.9 kW DC
Electric Bill Reduction:  100% of single electric account
Solar Panels: 230 Watt Solon Blue
245 Watt BenQ PM245P00
Inverters:  Enphase M215 Microinverter

System Description:

Doug Sabetti installed solar on the south-southeast facing, 30-degree, roof of his home.  This system is located towards the east edge of the roof to minimize shading from the chimney.  The 100-amp main panel is back-fed by the array through a 20-amp breaker.

Unique Factors and Challenges:

Doug installed the system in two phases, with two different panel manufacturers and sizes.  This system highlights the versatility of Enphase microinverters; they are very modular

Other Comments:

Doug paired his solar production to a hybrid-electric domestic water heater.  This eliminated his need for a natural gas or oil fired water heater.  In the future he may use an electric car, charging it with excess electricity produced by his solar array.