Saunderstown Roof Mount System

solar installation 2System Size:  2.9 kW DC

Electric Bill Reduction:  55% of single electric account

Solar Panels: 265 Watt BenQ PM250M0I

Inverters:  Enphase M215 Microinverter

System Description:

This system was mounted on a south-southeast facing roof that is tilted at 35 degrees.  Roof size constraints kept the system from being sized to offset 100% of the electricity usage. All black panels were used to blend well with the asphalt shingle roof.  The installation fits between a dormer and gable with minimum shading.

A single conduit run leads to the back-fed 100-amp panel.

Unique Factors and Challenges:

This installation combined landscape and portrait orientations to maintain aesthetics and maximize the use of available space.  Matching the panel layout to the roof shape lead to a great looking installation with minimum shading.  The conduit run was hidden behind the chimney.

Other Comments:

The grant covered 25% of the installation cost per the previous Renewable Energy Fund requirements.