Free Site Analysis

We can complete a free site analysis for you!

Every property is different.  This is always the case, even if you live in a neighborhood where many of the houses look the same.  This is why we provide a free site analysis to our potential customers.

There are many factors that affect the feasibility and efficiency of a solar array.  Building orientation, panel tilt angle, electrical panel size, roof geometry, and tree shading are just a few of the variables that we look at while designing a solar system. Beyond this, we want you to love how your array looks; we think the aesthetics of your installation are extremely important.

During the site analysis, we determine the most logical, functional and appropriate place to locate your new solar array for optimum performance. One of the most important steps we perform onsite is a Shading Study. This helps us determine with a high degree of accuracy the available sunlight. Residential solar systems are typically installed on a south-facing roof of a house or garage.  If roof space is too small, shaded, or inappropriate for a particular installation, we’ll make focused recommendations where they make sense for your system.

Ready to learn how a solar array could be integrated into your property? Contact Us and we will start the process with you.