Solarize Jamestown Selects Newport Solar

Solarize Jamestown Selects Newport Solar

Solarize Jamestown Selects Newport Solar!

Newport Solar is proud to announce that we are the selected installer for Solarize Jamestown!

About the Program

“Solarize Jamestown” is a state and municipal sponsored program that helps offset the high-cost of electricity by expanding the accessibility of solar power through highly negotiated systems pricing. Up until September 21st, 2018, Jamestown residents have access to this special pricing. The program is structured so that as more systems are contracted, the price of ALL systems go down, even those already contracted. This is a powerful benefit for everybody!

About the Opportunity!

Through a competitive process, Jamestown and State sponsors selected Newport Solar as the best installer for the program. The selection criteria was based on offering premium panels, inverters, and other components, range of installer experience, a history of high-quality installations, and consistently high customer-satisfaction. All of this is backed by a 15-year warranty at an all-time low negotiated price. If you live here, you have the opportunity to go solar and save money!

Contact Us

As a local Rhode Island company, we have over eight years of experience designing and installing cost-effective, residential solar power to many or your neighbors’ homes. If you live in Jamestown (or know someone that does) and want to learn more, please contact us. We look forward to working with you soon!


State incentive programs – Renewable Energy Fund Grant and Renewable Energy Growth programs are limited and are available on a first-come basis for qualifying projects. Participating in the Jamestown Solarize campaign does not guarantee acceptance into the state incentive programs. For information about the state’s incentive programs go to: http://www.energy.ri.gov/policies-programs/programs-incentives/index.php