Newport Solar has created a tree guide focusing on tree removal and replanting strategies for homes where existing trees would shade a solar installation.  This guide, entitled “Got Trees? Want Solar? : Tips and Resources for Tree Removal, Tree Replanting, and Tree Purchase” is now available on our website! – Newport Solar Tree Guide 2018

Often times, Newport Solar advises homeowners to remove trees from their property in order to make a solar installation more feasible.  As an environmentally conscious company, making this recommendation stands in contrast to our mission of encouraging local sustainability.  For this reason, Newport Solar has created the tree guide to provide some options for homeowners that are thinking of going solar to consider when tree removal is recommended.

To create the tree guide, our team met with members of the Newport Tree Society to discuss matters of tree removal, tree replanting, and tree purchase. The Newport Tree Society gave Newport Solar pertinent information on these topics, enabling us to create the informational tree guide for homeowners.  During this process we learned about trees that are expected to stay below 20′ in height, considering trees that are appropriate for our climate, and about the general benefits of trees to a property and the environment.

The emphasis of our tree guide is to encourage homeowners with solar to consider replanting trees on their property after removing trees that reduce the productivity of a solar array. The tree guide provides a list of recommended tree species to consider planting, as well as some tips on tree species to avoid. We also include a special section targeted towards residents of Newport; this section of the tree guide outlines the Specimen Tree Restoration Program as well as other programs available through the Newport Tree Society.

The tree guide includes a list of resources where you can learn more about tree ownership, as well as tree replanting and tree purchasing details.  This information is also listed below.  Newport Solar hopes that the tree guide will help owners make reasonable choices about their property that allow both a productive solar array while maintaining property aesthetics and biodiversity.

Useful Links on Trees!

The Newport Tree Society:

Trees are Good:

Brochures for tree related issues:

International Society of Arboriculture (ISA):

US Department of Agriculture  Forest Service, North Eastern Area. “Tree Owner’s Manual” available to view or download here:


I am so glad that Newport Solar was recommended to me! Your company is a highly professional, honest and hard-working group.