Solar Battery Storage Systems in RI ​

At Newport Solar, we’re proud to install solar battery storage systems in RI that ensure you never lose access to clean energy.

During a power outage, your home’s security and comfort rely on a consistent power supply. Our solar backup batteries provide unmatched dependability.

We help ensure that when the grid falters, your lights will stay bright, your rooms will remain warm, and your family will feel safe. Learn more about our solar battery storage systems today so you can take full advantage of the solar power from your panels.

Batteries keep your lights and essential appliances running when the grid goes down. Pairing batteries with a solar array is an effective way to maximize the benefit of solar, while charging batteries and keeping you ready for a grid outage.

NEW: Batteries are now eligible for a 30% Federal Tax Credit through 2032.

Security – Backup Protection

Unlike generators, batteries provide clean power, require no maintenance, don’t burn fossil fuels or make any noise. A battery system brings extra security to you and your family during a grid outage by powering essential loads in your house.  Use a battery system to keep your lights, plugs, refrigerator, security system, and even your heating system running during a power outage.

Renewable Power

Batteries reduce your reliance on the grid because they allow you to store energy for use during a power outage. When paired with a solar array, this provides a clean and complete renewable energy solution. Your batteries will help to reduce your environmental impact; in Rhode Island, you can also receive financial benefits for your participation in the Connected Solutions Battery Program.

Monitoring & Control

With comprehensive monitoring built into the system, you will know your up-to-date consumption, solar production, and battery status. Battery systems automatically take over in the event of an outage; with monitoring and control, you will have the confidence of being ready.

Batteries & Solar

Pairing a battery with a solar installation is a great way to maximize your incentives and get the most out of your solar installation. At Newport Solar we’re experts at designing a battery system that complements your solar array to maximize your homes performance and your financial benefit.

Note: This is a Supplemental Service – Newport Solar provides battery installation services to both past clients and clients who wish to include a battery installation in parallel with their solar installation*


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