Team Newport Solar

Our team comes from a variety of backgrounds, providing a diverse spectrum of skills and experience that strengthens our company. 

We take great pride in our work and work hard to live our lives in the same spirit of sustainability that Newport Solar embodies.

Doug Sabetti

Owner and Founder

Doug Sabetti - Newport SolarDoug founded Newport Solar in 2009 with the intent of bringing affordable solar installations to Rhode Island residents. With over 30 years of experience in the construction industry, Doug has earned a reputation for honesty, reliability, and the high-quality of his work. This is all fueled by his deep expertise within the Solar Industry.

Doug has earned the highest achievable accreditation in the solar industry; he is a North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) PV Installation Professional. Using his extensive construction experience and solar education, Doug works closely with the sales team providing leadership on system sizing, aesthetics, and project phasing.

At his home in Middletown, a solar array provides 100% of his electricity. In addition, Doug and his wife own an off-grid solar-powered yurt on 80 acres of undeveloped land in Utah. To learn more go to Doug’s Yurt.

Eric Martin

LEED AP – Director of Sales & Operations

Eric Martin, Newport SolarEric joined Newport Solar in 2014 to lead the Sales Team after working as an Energy Modeling Specialist and LEED Administrator in Boston. Eric has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maine and has taken Solar Energy Internationals’ education curriculum.

Eric has a deep understanding of the benefits of Solar Energy Systems and uses that expertise to help guide the sales & operations teams to develop and implement robust and effective solutions for our customers. He thrives in an environment where technology, sustainability, business, and client relations meet.

Eric moved to Newport from the U.S. Virgin Islands where he was the captain of a privately owned charter yacht for several years. He continues to race sailboats in Newport. In addition, he spends his time surfing, hiking, and biking throughout New England. He is a proud supporter of the Simmon’s Farm CSA Program.

Mark Cordeiro

Master Electrician & Project Manager

Mark Cordeiro - Newport Solar

Mark Cordeiro is Master Electrician and Project Manager at Newport Solar. With almost 20 years of experience in the electrical trades, he has worked across a broad range of residential, commercial and industrial projects. Mark attended the University of Cincinnati, and after college taught a special needs classroom in Lincoln, RI for eight years before becoming a licensed electrician.

As the Project Manager, Mark is the key bridge coordinating with clients, our install team, the utility company, and local building officials. His consistent focus, expertise and easy-going ways helps contribute to Newport Solar’s strong reputation as a premier renewable energy provider in RI.

Mark is also an avid pool player, having once played in the amateur national championship tournament. He has coached his twin sons’ football team and captained a tournament pool team in his spare time. He lives in Greene with his wife their three very active sons.

Kara Kilmartin

Client and Program CoordinatorKara Kilmartin - Newport Solar

Kara joined the Newport Solar team in January 2015 after graduating from the University of Rhode Island with a Masters of Environmental Science and Management degree. Her studies included an explicit focus on environmental policy.

Throughout her academic and professional career, renewable energy is a strong and consistent theme. Her Masters Degree capstone paper focused on renewable energy policies and incentives in the New England states and explored how to increase residential solar PV deployment within Rhode Island while also making solar more attractive and affordable for lower and median-income households.

Kara is a lifelong Rhode Island resident. She enjoys being part of a team that works to make positive changes for Rhode Islanders as well as the local environment. She is also very passionate about wildlife protection. She likes to spend time exploring America’s National Park System.

Casey Ackerman

Senior Solar Sales AdvisorCasey Ackerman - Solar Sales Advisor

Casey helps power the Newport Solar sales team with over a decade of comprehensive solar industry experience. His BS in Business from Salve Regina University, and NABCEP Technical Sales Certification bring an extensive level of expertise to the team.

Casey is passionate about renewable energy and the impact it has on the environmental landscape. Throughout his career, he has enjoyed educating people on the economic and environmental benefits of solar electricity and battery storage.

Casey lives in Middletown with his wife Diana and their dog Griffin. Casey’s home is solar-powered and he loves that he is contributing to Rhode Island’s renewable energy goals. He enjoys gardening, spending time with friends/family, and playing in the Aquidneck Island street hockey.

Emily Critz

Senior Solar Sales AdvisorEmily Critz - Solar Sales Advisor

Emily, a native Rhode Islander, joined the Newport Solar team in 2023. She was drawn to a solar career in order to combine her deep love of nature, respect for the environment, and her desire to help people; the solar industry has provided that beyond her expectations.

With a background in Project Management, she enjoys problem-solving and bringing a big-picture perspective to help clients find the best design for their solar needs.

Outside of work, Emily enjoys spending time with her husband and three children (two human, one canine) or engaging in one of her favorite pastimes: hiking, painting, and singing.

John Marino

Solar Designer
John Marino - Newport Solar

John started working for Newport Solar in 2017 after interning with the install crew the previous summer. After expanding his experience throughout the company,  he brings his expertise to his sales advisor position and our customers. He earned his BS in Sustainable Energy Management from Unity College in May of 2017.

Growing up in Vermont, John was raised into sustainability and has been excited since beginning his studies to contribute to enduring renewable and sustainable energy solutions.

Jacob Izzi

Solar Site Analyst
Jacob Izzi - Solar Sales Advisor

Jake joined the Newport Solar team in 2021 and continues learning about the energy industry. He developed an interest in solar energy while studying Environmental & Natural Resource Economics at the University of Rhode Island, interning in the solar industry while completing his bachelor’s degree in 2019.

Jake is a native Rhode Islander who in his spare time enjoys outdoor activities like hiking and snowboarding. He is also an avid guitar player and extremely passionate about training mixed martial arts.

Robert Johnson

Journeyman Electrician and Lead InstallerRob Johnson - Newport Solar

Rob Johnson has been installing solar arrays on Rhode Island homes with our team at Newport Solar since 2014. Rob leads the team delivering quality installations while maintaining a clean and safe work environment, taking pride in contributing to efficient, clean, and renewable energy for our clients.

Born in Rhode Island, Rob earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Johnson and Wales University in 2010. He enjoys sports, personal fitness, and cooking.

Mark Chatterley

Master Electrician and Lead Installer
Mark Chatterley, Newport Solar

Mark joined the Newport Solar team in April of 2016. He is a master electrician with 20+ years of experience in the electrical field. Mark is currently the foreman of the installation crew and also does design work for the shop.

In his spare time Mark has become a 3rd degree black belt in Shotokan karate and enjoys woodworking.

Austin Tingley

Journeyman Electrician
Austin Tingley - Newport Solar

Austin joined Newport Solar in early 2016 and achieved the credential of RI Journeyman Electrician in 2021. He is currently the head installer at Newport Solar and takes pride in his work; Austin leads by taking the time to ensure all installs are code compliant and done perfectly.

A lifelong Rhode Islander, Austin graduated from LaSalle Academy in 2014 where he started middle linebacker for the school’s football team. Austin also has earned his black belt in Shotokan karate with 10 years of training. In his free time he likes to play sports and video games.

Parker Dupuoy III

Journeyman Electrician
Parker Dupuoy III - Newport Solar

Parker has been an installer with Newport solar since 2016. Parker enjoys the challenges of starting new jobs and adapting to working outside. After switching gears from a career in human services for over 19 years, Newport Solar offers completely new and different opportunities to serve the community.

In his free time, Parker enjoys spending time with his teenage son, the beach, hip hop, and pizza.

Jim Tuoni

Solar Installation ProfessionalJim Tuoni - Newport Solar

Jim worked in the fitness and well-being industry for several years prior to joining the installer team with Newport Solar. He has always had an interest in science and sustainability, and is proud to contribute to local and eco-friendly solutions to energy needs.

Jim is a born-and-raised Rhode Islander who enjoys staying active, mostly through day-hiking, sports, or at-home exercise. He also loves seeing new sights, hearing new perspectives, gaming with friends, and spending time with family.

Rich Legan

Solar Installation ProfessionalRich Legan - Newport Solar

Rich joined the Newport Solar family in 2020 as a member of the installation team.  Before joining Newport Solar, he worked as a high school educator as well as a farm hand at Greenview Farm in Wakefield. 

A Rhode Island transplant originally from Massachusetts, Rich loves to work outdoors everyday and takes pride in helping to build a green and sustainable future.  Rich has a 11 month old son and loves being a dad! When he is not on the roof you will most likely find him surfing, hiking, camping or traveling with his wife, son and dog.

Antonio Ortiz

Solar Installation ProfessionalAntonio Ortiz - Newport Solar

Antonio joined Newport Solar as an Apprentice Electrician in November of 2021. Though he lived in Texas for a time, he is a native Rhode Islander, having grown up in Providence.

Antonio currently lives in West Warwick with his roommate and his pet rabbit, Zuko. After joining our team, Newport Solar staff immediately voted him as having the best hair in the company.


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