Getting Started

We’ll be happy to evaluate your property.

Before getting started, we want to be sure that solar is a great fit:

✔ Is your home in Rhode Island?

We exclusively operate in Rhode Island only.

✔ Do you own your home? 

If YES, that’s Great! If you rent, that is OK too, but we can only proceed if the property owner is interested in installing solar.

✔ Do you have space on your South, East, or West-facing roof with limited shading?

As the sun moves across the sky, surrounding trees or buildings can shade a solar array, affecting system output. If you have only a little or some modest shade, your property is likely a great candidate. In cases where there is notable shade, we’ll be able to work with you to determine the best strategy to minimize the shading impact.

If you answered YES to these questions your property could be a solid candidate for solar.


…From the start this gave me a great deal of confidence in both the company and the product I was receiving, which have both completely lived up to my expectations. Having worked in the construction industry for decades, this has been one of the most stress-free and professional interactions.

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