What sort of guarantee will you have that your solar installation operates for the expected life?  Newport Solar only installs top-rated solar panels, inverters, mounting rails, roof mounts, and system components.  Each of these items comes with a manufacturer’s warranty.  These warrantees are important, but what about your roof integrity and the manner in which all of these components are tied together?

Newport Solar guarantees our workmanship for 15-years (though we expect your system to last MUCH longer).  We believe that if one component in the system fails or is giving you trouble, we should be the ones to fix it.  We monitor our installed systems and will be aware if something is working improperly.  However, if you see something that concerns you, we want you to call us so we can address the issue.

If we are installing a solar system on a building, we want to make sure that the roof is in good shape.  Putting solar panels over old shingles could make access difficult when the solar array out-lives the serviceable life of the roof.  If necessary, we will coordinate with a roofer to generate a free estimate.