Installing Solar


With the deep experience developed from over 750 systems installed over the last 10+ years, Newport Solar designs, builds, and installs robust solar energy systems delivering enduring value for our customers.

With low-pressure sales and high-quality installations, we use only premium solar panels and optimized components designed for efficient installation, low-maintenance and long-lasting performance.

Your investment will deliver value for decades to come…

and we will be there with you along the way.

Solar Incentives & Programs

Installing solar is a great investment, state and federal solar incentives help!

  • Earn an excellent return on investment from predictable solar power
  • Lower your up-front cost
  • Become your own local source of clean, renewable solar electricity

Net-Metering Program

Net Metering: Rhode Island residents can offset their electricity bill with energy from their solar array. In a net-metering installation, a meter tracks the import or export of electricity so that National Grid can provide monthly credit for your solar production. To learn more about the Net Metering program from National Grid, click here.

Rhode Island Renewable Energy Fund: For a Net Metering system with a site efficiency over 80%, Rhode Island will help offset the cost of the installation. The Rhode Island Renewable Energy Fund offers grants of up to $7,000 for residential installations and even more for commercial projects.

Federal Tax Credit: Extended through 2022!

The Dec. 2020 spending bill approved by the U.S. Congress extended the 26% Federal Investment Tax Credit for systems that begin construction through the end of 2022.

This tax credit provides a significant financial benefit to homeowners.

Paying for Solar

There are two ways to fund an installation:

Install Solar with Cash:

Use your own money for installation and receive a return over the life of your system.
  • Invest at low risk, with a high rate of return
  • Avoids interest payments
  • Achieves the lowest electricity cost

Install Solar with Financing:

When financing you will use some of your monthly return to service a solar loan.

  • Spend zero out of pocket
  • Generate positive cash flow from day one
  • Save money on your electricity bill

Equity Loans

Use your existing home equity to secure a bank loan.

  • Lower rates
  • Equity-Based
  • Deductible Interest
  • Many Terms Available

Unsecured Loans

We work with Dividend Finance, a lender focused on providing solar installation loans.

  • Streamlined Applications
  • Credit-based
  • Long terms available
  • Fixed Rates


All aspects of the project were handled very well, especially the help provided when severe weather delayed the final steps. Your people were extremely supportive and efficient on getting us in under the wire. The cost of our system will be more than offset by our reduced electric bills, and we are thrilled to play our part in reducing carbon footprints. I would recommend Newport Solar without hesitation.

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