Roof Installation
There are a lot of steps to a solar installation.  From communicating the value of solar to designing your system, to when we are on-site installing solar systems, Newport Solar shines through the whole process.

The long term value of your array is locked in during installation.  Working on different roofs takes skill and attention to detail; we have the experience to maintain quality throughout.  Some of the most important areas that Newport Solar focuses on include:

  • Proper and secure roof mount fastening – your solar system will become part of your roof structure; Newport Solar engineers it to.
  • Proper flashing and sealing of the roof mounts – your roof is meant to keep water out of your home; Newport Solar makes sure the solar array connections will continue to keep water out
  • Panel alignment and orientation – your solar panels should look good!  Newport Solar makes sure they do.
  • Installing mounts, rails, inverters, and panels to manufacturers specifications – there is a science to a quality solar array installation – Newport Solar follows it.
  • Wire management – keeping wires out of sight and out of the elements makes for a good looking and long-lasting solar power array.  Newport Solar checks to make sure all aesthetic and quality guidelines are followed.
  • National Electrical Code (NEC) Compliance – all Newport Solar arrays are built to meet or exceed code requirements
  • Conduit run and blending – Newport Solar runs the appropriate conduit in locations that are good looking; if you would like we will even paint conduit to blend with the surface it touches

The installation team at Newport Solar has been installing solar systems across Rhode Island since 2009 and has been in the building trade for years.  We take pride in our ability to help Rhode Island residents generate their own power, save money on their electricity bills, and keep their properties looking beautiful while they do it.


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