The grant program for small-scale solar projects in RI is almost over, but there are still a few weeks left to take advantage. This will be the third and final round of funding for the year. There was $1.5 mil allocated for the program and so far less than $4ooK has been awarded, leaving over $1.1 mil of funds available for the last round this year. The good news is there will most likely be another funding program next year for small-scale solar in RI, and if there are funds left over from this year, they will go into next year’s program.

The state 25% Renewable Energy tax credit that was repealed in 2010, and has been reintroduced every year since  by Representative Deb Ruggeiro, has once again failed to be reinstated. This makes the funding from the EDC and the Renewable Energy Fund more important than ever. Our neighbors in Mass. and Conn. are enjoying the benefits of  long-term, pro-renewables policies, and we here in RI have to take advantage of them when we can. July 26th is the last day to apply for 25% off of the cost of your solar system and then it will be over six months before there will be another opportunity. Call or email soon for a free estimate to find out how much electricity your roof can produce, and what going solar can do for your budget.


The proposal is very simple. Sales pressure is very low. I felt like Newport Solar cared about the value to the customer. It was a very pleasant, normal experience.