To Learn More about the current Solar Incentives in Rhode Island, please visit our 2023 Incentives Update Blog Post!

RI Solar grants still available

Grants for 25% of the installed system cost are still available for solar panels in Rhode Island. The EDC has held two out of the three enrollments for this year. The date for the third and last round for applying for the grant is July 26th so there’s still plenty of time to get a free shading analysis and cost estimate to see if solar panels will be efficient on your home or business. The funding for the first two rounds was not completely used up so the remainder will be allocated to the last round which means if you apply, you will most likely get your funding. The grant covers 25% of the cost and the remainder is eligible for the Federal 30% tax credit. This means that right now in RI solar is more than 50% off out of pocket cost. Newport Solar will complete the application for the grant for you and all other required paper work.

Systems can be designed to be modular which means you can install a few solar panels now and more over time. This lowers the initial expense and can make it easier to own your system.

Low interest financing is also available for solar in Rhode Island  through Admirals Bank with Branches located throughout Rhode Island. Newport Solar is a registered RI solar business with Admirals bank and would be happy to assist you with your purchase of a PV system.

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