Doug Sabetti has been recognized by Solar Energy International (SEI) for his lifelong fight for pro-solar policy in Rhode Island.  As the owner of Newport Solar, Doug credits his success to education he received from SEI; this knowledge has allowed him to serve as an industry champion for Rhode Island.

Doug started to tinker with solar energy when he purchased some land in a remote area of Utah; at the property he needed electricity, but was far from the grid. After installing an off-grid system, Doug had his mind made up; he was going to embrace renewable energy as his career.

After 30 years of professional carpentry and construction work, he began his fight to help shape the solar industry in Rhode Island. Doug sought out one of the most knowledgeable people in the Rhode Island solar industry, Chris Warfel of Entech Engineering, to be his mentor.  With his Chris’s advice, he pursued an online education with Solar Energy International (SEI) to obtain technical training and expertise in the field.

After working with several local installers, Doug Sabetti had a strong desire to provide the highest quality work and distinguish himself from other installers.  In 2008 Doug founded Newport Solar and attained a NABCEP Solar Installation Professional Certification in 2011.

Doug’s fight was far from over. Understanding the large role economics play in demand for solar energy, Doug has been a champion for progressive energy policy to make renewable energy affordable and accessible to Rhode Islanders. In past years Doug has helped create a solar licensing law in Rhode Island, worked on the Renewable Portfolio Standard, the Renewable Energy Growth program creation, Renewable Energy Fund grant expansion, and Solar Electronic Permitting.  He is an active stakeholder via the stakeholder group New Energy RI in RI docket 4600, which investigates a changing energy distribution system in Rhode Island and aims to financially quantify the benefits of Rhode Island achieving its energy goals through a diverse portfolio of sources.

Today, Newport Solar has installed over 1.5 megawatts of solar PV in Rhode Island and employs twelve people. The company is thriving, thanks to the state’s incentive programs and a growing demand for solar among Rhode Islanders. Doug continues to fight for solar in Rhode Island thanks to his education from SEI, his business, and his contribution to sound solar policy.


I am so glad that Newport Solar was recommended to me! Your company is a highly professional, honest and hard-working group.