National Grid offers a free home energy assessment to all Rhode Island home owners.  A certified Energy Specialist will come to your home, perform the assessment, and provide a report of recommendations focused on ways your home efficiency can be improved.  Click here to go to information on this program.

Participants can receive:

  • Up to 75% off up to $2,750 for insulation improvements
  • Rebates for energy efficient heating and hot water systems
  • No-cost CFL’s, LED’s, an advanced power strip, and water saving items
  • 0% interest Financing for certain qualified improvements

Common recommendation include:

  • Home Air Leakage Sealing – fix leaks that let cold air in during the winter and hot air in during the summer
  • Attic, Floor, and Wall Insulation – increase the insulation to reduce your heating and AC bills
  • Attic Ventilation – remove heat from the attic in the summer to reduce the need for AC
  • Boiler Firing Reset – turn down your boiler when the heating load is lower
  • Home Heating – use an efficient heating system
  • Hot Water Heating – use an efficient hot water heater

By increasing the efficiency of your Rhode Island home, you can reduce your electricity bills.  Pairing an efficient home with a solar installation is a great way to reduce or eliminate your utility associated expenses.


The Newport Solar staff was customer oriented and highly motivated. This included all the various staff from initial assessment to final turn-on.