National Grid offers a free home energy assessment to all Rhode Island home owners.  A certified Energy Specialist will come to your home, perform the assessment, and provide a report of recommendations focused on ways your home efficiency can be improved.  Click here to go to information on this program.

Participants can receive:

  • Up to 75% off up to $2,750 for insulation improvements
  • Rebates for energy efficient heating and hot water systems
  • No-cost CFL’s, LED’s, an advanced power strip, and water saving items
  • 0% interest Financing for certain qualified improvements

Common recommendation include:

  • Home Air Leakage Sealing – fix leaks that let cold air in during the winter and hot air in during the summer
  • Attic, Floor, and Wall Insulation – increase the insulation to reduce your heating and AC bills
  • Attic Ventilation – remove heat from the attic in the summer to reduce the need for AC
  • Boiler Firing Reset – turn down your boiler when the heating load is lower
  • Home Heating – use an efficient heating system
  • Hot Water Heating – use an efficient hot water heater

By increasing the efficiency of your Rhode Island home, you can reduce your electricity bills.  Pairing an efficient home with a solar installation is a great way to reduce or eliminate your utility associated expenses.


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