Today, Newport Solar participated as a community partner in the Portsmouth Middle School Green Engineering Expo.  Newport Solar arrived at the school early this morning to share our expertise on solar installations with local middle school students.

The day was filled with fun scientific discussions on how solar panels can minimize human impact on the environment.  Students stopped by our display to learn how solar panels reduce our dependence on fossil fuel generated electricity and how this reduces the amount of Carbon Dioxide released into the air.  The students spoke with us about how this reduction in CO2 emissions will reduce the worst effects of climate change.

In addition, students came up with their own questions, which focused on the time it takes to install a solar array on a home and the pay-back period associated with a solar installation.  Some students who expressed their interest in engineering principals asked in-depth questions about how solar panels work and even electron flow!  We were very impressed with the interest these young adults exhibited.

At the Green Engineering Expo students also showcased their own scientific experiments focused around water filtration with different substrates and wind turbine design. Students displayed and present the criteria and constraints of these designed solutions.

To help illustrate what we do at Newport Solar, we brought a solar panel, inverter, rail section, and traditional roof attachment; these were good conversation pieces for the students.  In addition, we showed our time-lapse video of a Portsmouth residential solar installation.  We also gave out some Newport Solar shirts and hats when great questions went above and beyond!

The team at Newport Solar was happy to participate in this educational event in our local community.  Many thanks to Erin Escher and all Portsmouth Middle School teachers and staff involved in setting up and executing the 2017 Portsmouth Middle School Green Engineering Expo!


I am so glad that Newport Solar was recommended to me! Your company is a highly professional, honest and hard-working group.