Investing in residential solar is a personal hedge against increasing electricity cost, social health and safety risks, and climate change.

Jigar Shah, founder of SunEdison, lays out why solar is a low-risk investment with stable and secure returns.

“You can’t argue with the fact that solar has no moving parts, that the sun is free, and that solar can be produced where it is used – where it is most valuable. The amount of sun that hits a specific spot on earth varies by less than 4 percent each year. Solar is very stable and secure. Most importantly, solar can be deployed in bite-sized amounts, not by the billions of dollars needed to design, build, operate, and maintain power plants that run on coal or nuclear fission, not to mention the safety and health risks of those kinds of power.” – Jigar Shah, Creating Climate Wealth



Everyone at Newport Solar, from the consultants to the installers to the electrician that made the final connection took the time to explain clearly what the plan was and how things were going. Very impressed!

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