Newport Solar was recently a feature in SO Rhode Island Magazine.  In a section entitled “Living Green(er)”, SO Rhode Island Magazine discusses the way that Rhode Island residents can make their lives and homes more efficient and environmentally friendly.  The areas they focused on were Natural Landscaping, Water Conservation, Solar Photovoltaic, Energy Efficient Building, and Eco-Friendly Interior Design.  All businesses featured were local RI businesses that thrive on providing a financial, health, or environmental benefit for their customers.

In the section of SO Rhode Island Magazine that featured Newport Solar focused on input from our company owner and project manager, Doug Sabetti.  They first discuss his passion for solar, focusing on his Yurt in Utah.  After this, the conversation quickly moves to highlight how solar is custom fit to the needs of the customer.  Systems are designed with roof layout, electricity bill size, budget, incentives, schedule, etc. in mind.  There is not a “one-size” solutions for any customer.  Paying attention to these details associated with site specific and client needs is very important to develop the optimal system.

The financial benefits are obvious in the near term; reducing or eliminating the residential electricity bill can be felt in the pockets of the homeowner immediately.  As an investment, the cost of the system is well justified by the rate of return produced by the installation – often over 10% on average.

One key addition to the article by SO Rhode Island Magazine would be that financing pairs well with solar; the savings on an electricity bill can be larger than the monthly payment on the loan that pays for the system.  Zero down, cash flow positive loans are available.

Solar is a young industry in RI; it promises to grow as more individuals learn of the financial benefits it can provide.  Thanks to SO Rhode Island Magazine for featuring Newport Solar in their publication!



The sales and installation process was straightforward, well communicated, and executed on time.