Solar and Batteries in RI

Published July 2021

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Integrating solar and batteries in your home allows you to leverage your solar investment by offering peace of mind to your family during power outages.  Combining solar and batteries in RI will help you go green and benefit through state and federal incentives. Installing solar at your Rhode Island residence or business is one of the best investments you can make. Solar can significantly reduce or eliminate your electricity bill and also increases your property value.

When the Lights Go Out

Batteries keep your home running during power outages by storing solar energy. When a storm knocks out your power, batteries keep your lights, heat, refrigerator, and other devices running. Newport Solar installs batteries that recharge with solar energy even when the grid is down, keeping you out of the dark!
With the ability to automatically shed loads and integrate with generators, a well designed battery and solar array have the smarts to keep your house running in the worst of scenarios.


Batteries benefit you and the electric grid in Rhode Island; state and federal incentives will financially support your battery installation with Newport Solar.

Rhode Island ConnectedSolutions

The ConnectedSolutions program is a Rhode Island incentive that allows National Grid to pull power from battery systems to stabilize the grid, and reduce emissions. In return, the utility sends payments to the battery owner at the end of each program year.

Rhode Island Renewable Energy Fund (REF)

The state will also give you $2,000 towards your battery installation if you are getting an REF grant for a solar installation!  To qualify, solar and batteries must meet efficiency requirements and be installed at the same time.

Federal Tax Credit

The Federal Renewable Energy Tax Credit (FTC) helps lower the cost of residential solar so that our energy infrastructure becomes more robust, reliable, and less dependent on fossil fuels. The FTC can also be applied to batteries when installed with solar. There is also work being done behind the scenes, by organizations like SEIA and CALSSA, to advocate for a standalone storage tax credit. Stay Tuned!

Benefit Now with Solar and Batteries

Over the past few years, battery technology has improved and costs have come down, driving adoption in states like Rhode Island.  With great incentive support, now is the time to get solar and batteries so that you can start leveraging their benefits.  Contact Us now to get your customized solar and battery proposal.  Please feel encouraged to reach out; we’re here to help.


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