Tesla Powerwall

SolarEdge has collaborated with Tesla to provide customers with a seamlessly integrated solar and battery backup system using the Tesla Powerwall.

SolarEdge Technologies announced its collaboration with Tesla Motors to provide the solar industry market with an inverter solution that allows photovoltaic integration with Tesla’s home battery solution, the Tesla Powerwall. SolarEdge is a leader in solar power technologies, including PV inverters, power optimizers, and module-level monitoring services. The partnership will provide more cost-effective residential solar generation, storage, and consumption.

The new energy storage technology can serve as a backup power to homeowners in the event of an electrical outage. When the utility grid goes down due to a storm or system repair, the SolarEdge inverter will recognize the loss of grid power. At this point, the Tesla Powerwall will start to discharge energy into the home’s electric system, stopping any loss of electricity.

In addition to being a backup solution, the Tesla Powerwall can be used as a cost efficiency device. In locations where utilities have time-of-use rates, the Tesla Powerwall can be used to store energy when electricity is cheap and sell back electricity when the rates are high. The Tesla Powerwall will support existing SolarEdge systems with this new lithium-ion storage solution.

At Newport Solar, we frequently use SolarEdge’s Solar PV Inverters and DC power optimizers. The inverters work in conjunction with power optimizers to maximize system output and efficiency. The power optimizers increase energy output from PV systems by tracking the maximum power point of each individual module. This capability reduces many shading and roof orientation concerns.

Newport Solar is looking forward to the release of the new Tesla Powerwall product; we plan on integrating Tesla Powerwall installation into our offering in the near future.


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