Newport Solar has joined the Solarize Aquidneck Program. Solarize Aquidneck is a discount buying program for the residents of Middletown, Portsmouth, and Newport. Newport Solar is the selected solar installer for the town of Newport.

The Solarize Program is designed to encourage the installation of residential and commercial solar photovoltaic system. The Solarize Aquidneck program plans to bring increased savings for homeowners and business owners deciding to ‘go solar’ through coordinated community education and outreach efforts. The Program uses a tiered pricing structure to reduce the costs to potential program participants and encourage the installation of renewable energy systems.  See a recent article about the program at the Newport Daily News – Solarize Aquidneck.

The Solarize Program is designed to bring down the cost of solar when customers sign up with a pre-selected installer. The more people who sign onto the program, the more the price decreases for interested participants.  This discount applies to all contracts signed within the program timeline, independent of when the contract was signed.

Customers are given the option to purchase their system via cash or financing. For those who are interested in financing, Rhode Island has many options that assist in paying for solar for your home. Two options of loan financing are the Dividend Solar Empower Loan and a Home Equity Loan. Dividend Solar has partnered with Newport Solar and offers a $0-down Empower Loan to help homeowners realize the maximum economic benefit of owning a solar PV system.

To get started on going solar through the Solarize Aquidneck Program visit Solarize Signup and complete the initial contact form to find out if your property is a good fit for solar. Solarize Aquidneck sign-up period began Monday, October 26th. Prospective customers must sign a contract by February 15, 2016 to be eligible for special pricing and incentives.


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