On Tuesday, April 17th 2018, AM 1540, WADK hosted the “On-Air Home and Garden Fair”.  On WADK’s Talk of the Town, Bruce Newbury interviewed Doug Sabetti, Owner of Newport Solar, live in-studio.  See below to Listen In!

Doug and Bruce had a great discussion about the solar industry in Rhode Island, and how it is the changing way that National Grid is doing business.  Electricity is no longer flowing in one direction; solar arrays are producing electricity at the end of distribution lines, allowing National Grid’s customers to also become their vendors and free themselves from a one-way money flow to the monopoly that is National Grid.

On Talk of the Town, Doug and Bruce also discussed how switching from fossil fuel driven devices in the home to electric driven devices allows homeowners to up-size their solar array and take control of a larger portion of their overall utility expense.  Common devices include high efficiency heat pump hot water heaters, high efficiency mini-split AC and heating units, and even switching to electric cooking options.

Have a listen below and let Newport Solar know if you want to learn more about taking control of the energy in your home!


Newport Solar WADK Interview – Part 1


Newport Solar WADK Interview – Part 2


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